Nanz Gruppe

Nanz Gruppe – Commercial Development Firm

Function: Commercial Real Estate (management and development);
Active asset management; Family office;

Nanz Gruppe is a German based asset management firm, specialized on managing and developing commercial real estate in Germany, India, US and Canada. The Nanz Gruppe also has core competence in developing and operating:

  1. Ambulant rehabilitation centres in Germany (Nanz-Medico-Gruppe)
  2. A jet charter business (ACM-Charter)
  3. A Wine distribution business also in Germany.

One of the main pillars of Nanz Gruppe is the private equity sector. Since 1995 The Group invests with re-known private equity firms around the globe. Since 2005, the Nanz Gruppe invests in Interra Development inc., a residential and commercial real estate business in Quebec .

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