Interra Development Expert Team

The Interra Development Expert Team

Eric McLellan - Interra DevelopmentEric McLellan
Co-Founder, Président CEO


Florian Nanz - Interra DevelopmentFlorian Nanz
Co-Founder, Finances


Nicole Vachon - Interra DevelopmentNicole Vachon
Assistant to the Director and Administrative Director 
450 240-0037;101


Mike McLellan - Interra DevelopmentMichael McLellan
Construction Director


Caroline Chaussé - Interra DevelopmentCaroline Chaussé
Administrative Assistant 
450-240-0037 poste 2

Stephanie Blondin - Interra Development
Stephanie Blondin
Marketing and design


Strategic Alliances

Here is a non exaustive list of alliances

  • Nanz Gruppe – Commercial Development Firm
  • MYKO Construction – General Contractor
  • The Nanz Group also has core competence in running and developing rehabilitation centers across Germany. With a market share of over 12% the Nanz-medico-gmbh is the leading company in the medical-rehabilitation market in Germany“.

Interra Development Logo - Land DevelopmentServices

Land Development

Land Development is the process by which the current or permitted use of a property is altered. In Quebec, the authority to regulate this process has been granted to the localities in order to encourage the local governments to improve public health, safety, convenience and welfare of its citizens.

Generally, the land development process includes four stages: zoning; subdivision; site plan and permitting. The process may include any or all of these stages. In order to complete this, Interra works hand in hand with the appropriate professionnals and oversees all of the following steps in Land Development…


  • Boundary, site and topographic surveys
  • Subdivision layouts
  • Master land planning
  • Community planning
  • Land use determination
  • Zoning and ordinance regulation
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Site analysis
  • Roadway design
  • Soil erosion control and storm water management
  • Water supply and distribution systems
  • Wastewater collection and treatment systems
  • Permitting environmentally sensitive areas
  • Coordinating and permitting with state, local and federal agencies
  • Site specific design
  • Planting plans